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U.S. Self-Defense Claim Doesn't Fly

Bombing Afghanistan Because We Can
(10/2001, updated 1/28/2002)


Bush v. Gore

A Supreme Mess

Thwarting Democracy in Florida


Gay/Lesbian Rights

Playing the Pedophilia Card
(2001, updated 1/29/2002)

Ex-Gay? So What?

Parrying the Blade of Hate

The Very Real Consequences of Prejudice



This War Is Illegal

Iraq: The Torrent of Deceit

An Illegal and Immoral War

Claims of Saddam's Genocide Far from Proven

An Open Letter to the American People on War with Iraq

Thinking about Nuremberg and Baghdad


Middle East

If the Media Reported 9-11 the Way It Does Gaza

Israel's Penchant for Destruction

Lebanon: America's morality at stake

Ariel Sharon's Vision: "Maximal Killing"

Bush's Mideast Blunder

The Media's Middle East Rules of Engagement

The Media's Twisted Coverage of the Middle East: Preliminary Thoughts

Cataloging (Some of) Israel's War Crimes

Israel's War against the Palestinians Is the Real Outrage

Washington's One-Sided Mideast Peace

Media's Contempt for Palestinians Is Palpable

The Expulsion of the Palestinians, 1947-1948
(10/2001, revised 1/31/2002)

The Legal Basis for Middle East Peace


Progressive Movement

Do Progressives Have a Plan?

A Proposal for Regime Change in the United States



The Essence of Terrorism

Washington's Own Love Affair with Terror


Other Topics

Conservative Christians and Truth-Telling